Voters should educate themselves on candidates

Published 9:54 am Friday, October 17, 2008

I would like to respond to a letter by Mr. Davis that was published earlier this month. I agree with him, but I want to add more.

Regardless of who gets in as president, we need to change Congress. Our taxes will raise. This bailout is where the fat cats will get fatter unless we the people take control of our local, state and federal government.

Many politicians never really care about the people they represent, they only care what they can get for themselves. I have found that one will say, “I have a plan. I am a proven leader.”

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A real leader comes forward, they do not have to tell the people he or she is a leader. If they really had a plan why didn’t they come forward and let someone know how they can help this county progress as they live here and make their money here? Or do they just want your vote.

Wake up Lawrence County. Let the people who have the courthouse as their second home go. Let some new ideas come in. I am tired of paying for the second incomes of the people in power.

I feel the same way about our state people. Look at the money politicians spend to get elected time after time.

We need to change the way we think and vote for the people who are willing to do what is right for all the people, notjust a few. I have always voted.

I will always vote and I know before I go to the polls who I am going to vote for. But these politicians pay people to hand out cards and signs on Election Day. Why?

In Lawrence County, we have a group of new people running for office. The good ol’ boys have been in office too long and it’s time to change. If you don’t vote you don’t need to complain. You deserve who gets elected to office.