Browns faced with decision as Anderson keeps struggling

Published 12:30 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

So just what are they going to do about Derek Anderson? That’s the big question facing the Cleveland Browns who watched yet another sub-par performance by the quarterback who made the Pro Bowl last season.

When the Browns drafted Brady Quinn in the first round last year, everyone speculated that Quinn would be the starter. The Browns wanted to take it slow and started Charlie Frye.

After a dismal first game, Frye was traded to Seattle and Anderson was elevated to the starter. To the Browns’ surprise, he threw 29 touchdown passes and a zillion yards.

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However, forgotten in the numbers were 18 interceptions and four so-so performances down the stretch when the Browns were trying to make the playoffs.

Anderson had his first 200-yard passing game last week in a 35-14 stunner of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, but he was right back down there on Sunday with a 135-yard effort on 14-of-37 passing.

How solid is Anderson’s starting position? Well, the Dallas Cowboys offered the Browns their first-round draft pick for each of the next two seasons for Quinn and the Browns said, “No.”

The Browns are close to being out of the postseason picture. If they continue to lose, look for Quinn to take over at quarterback and gain some experience in preparation for next season.

That brings us back to what are they going to do about Anderson? He’s an expensive backup, but his struggles won’t have anyone calling and offering a first-round draft pick.

I wonder if the Ravens want him back?