Obama has taken high road in ugly campaign

Published 10:02 am Thursday, October 23, 2008

I had been leaning towards voting for Sen. Barack Obama, but after the final debate I’m certain he is the best person for president.

Political affiliations aside, he has demonstrated the steady judgment, honor and trustworthiness that the American people have been waiting for. Watching the last presidential debate, I realized that, unlike his counterpart, Sen. McCain, Barack Obama has consistently stayed above the negative rhetoric that has plagued this presidential race.

At times when Sen. McCain became visibly angry and aggressive, Sen. Obama answered McCain respectfully but forthrightly. Instead of sinking to McCain’s level, Obama continually shifted the dialogue back to the issues Americans care about.

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The McCain-Palin campaign has been unscrupulous in attacking Obama’s character and going so far as to accuse him of gallivanting with terrorists, questioning his religious faith and insinuating he is involved in voter registration fraud.

It is inspiring to see that Sen. Obama has been able to rise above the smears and bring this campaign back to a debate on how to deal with our sinking economy, health care, education, the war. Sen. Obama could have easily attacked John McCain and Sarah Palin on any number of incidents which have called their character and integrity into question, but he consistently opts for the high road.

That’s the kind of leader we deserve in this country.