Gossett-Hager has performed well for county taxpayers

Published 12:02 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharon Gossett-Hager exemplifies the type of public servant that the citizens of Lawrence County need to ensure the accuracy and security of their legal documents.

There is no question that her experience and proven record as recorder provides evidence that she is an excellent choice to continue to serve in this elected office.

In this day and time, it is crucial for those serving us to have the ability to manage the office and to possess good, sound fiscal policies. Sharon has demonstrated this through her balanced budgets and personnel management.

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The technology that she has brought to the office also shows her leadership in finding productive ways to efficiently perform the tasks required by the recorder’s office and staff.

It has been my privilege to become acquainted with Sharon through her service and faithfulness at church. I want to highly recommend Sharon to my former students and teaching colleagues as well as all the citizens of Lawrence County.

Clifford Neville