New leadership needed to reverse current trends

Published 11:30 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

There may be “Joe the Plumber,” but my husband is Bill the Plumber and he actually has a license and we know the reality that our country now faces.

For the last eight years everything seems to have been headed in the wrong direction. Gas prices are up, but the stock market is down. Oil companies rake in huge profits while consumers feel the squeeze at the pump.

To reverse these trends, we need new leadership in Washington. We certainly can’t afford four more years of President Bush’s policies under John McCain.

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We need a new leader who understands the importance of strengthening our economy by providing tax cuts for working families. We need new leadership that understands the importance of investing in our infrastructure to improve our economy.

We need new leadership that knows the importance of investing in education and easing the burden of college tuition on working families. Barack Obama has outlined a strategy to do just this.

His plan will enact another $50 billion stimulus package to provide immediate tax rebates to American consumers and working families. He has pledged $60 billion over 10 years, to provide financing for infrastructure projects across the nation.

He will create a new $4,000 American Opportunity Tax Credit to make college affordable for all Americans. And, he will fight for a trade policy that opens up foreign markets to support good American jobs.

Only Barack Obama has advanced these important solutions to address the real challenges of today’s economy. John McCain has resorted to gimmicks and pledged to continue the failed policies of the last eight years.

Ann Boggess


Why have term limits

for president?

In many presidential elections, you will hear that, “this is the most important election in our lifetime. It really became a buzz four years ago, and you can’t turn your TV on today, without hearing something very similar.

I would say that it is much more accurate today, than in anytime in my lifetime. A rising economic crisis and a war that has dragged on for quite some time, has led us to this time.

This is a time when we must stand up and elect the best person in our country to lead us. This person must have experience in economic, foreign policy and domestic issues.

It must be a person who appears in good health and a person who can give the country confidence in a time when little confidence exists.

I am afraid that on the first Tuesday in November, we may not get that person! It’s not necessarily that the person doesn’t exist, it may simply be that the person is disqualified.

What? Disqualified?

Why on earth would we disqualify any healthy American from holding the highest office in the land? Especially if the country wanted that person to lead us.

The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed in 1947 and ratified in 1951. In essence, the amendment says that no person shall be elected to the office of President more than two full terms or a combined 10 years total. It was enacted when the country elected President Roosevelt to a fourth term in office.

Former President Bill Clinton served two terms in office. It seems that our country did prosper during this time.

I am sure he had his detractors (I never voted for President Clinton), but because he served his two terms, he is now disqualified from the position. I know it could be debated that he may not be the best candidate for the job. However, shouldn’t we at least be allowed to have that debate?

West Virginia Sen. Bob Byrd is 91 years old and has served 9 terms in the Senate. Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell has served 23 years in the Senate and Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter has served 24 years and is 78 years old.

These gentlemen decide policy every day for us. Why no term limits? Why no health checks? What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander.

If we are going to have term limits for one position, let’s have them for all. If we want the best person for the job, let’s let every U.S. citizen be qualified.

If Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain were debating for president, who would you choose?

As the greatest country in the world, shouldn’t we at least have the debate?