Courthouse records Nov. 3

Published 12:32 pm Monday, November 3, 2008

Property transfers

— Michael Shane Radcliff and Jennifer Radcliff to Brandon and Priscilla Bailey, Union Township, $79,000.

— Denver T. Blake and Debbie Blake to Barry Bruce, trustee of Hubert Gue Supplemental Needs Trust, Fayette Township, $89,800.

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— Lawrence County Sheriff to Ruby Lois Justice and Veronica Justice, city of Ironton, $39,400.

— Sherry Ann Bennett to JBS Quick mart, Union Township, $1,000,000.

— Gary Norman Primm to John Timothy Murphy Jr. and Jamie Marie Murphy, Elizabeth Township, $1,000.

— Philip and Susan Robinson to Carl E. and Donna L. Ross, Perry Township, $5,000.

— Steven S. Elswick to John F. Allen and Angela Allen, Upper Township and city of Ironton, $77,300.

— Gary and Heather Hensley to Michael L. and Sally Love, Union Township, $285,000.

— Lawrence County Sheriff to R.L. Realty, Windsor Township, $8,900.

— Joshua Collins, et al to Jeffrey E. Ferguson, city of Ironton, $57,000.

— Deborah L. Bailey to Steven W. Stewart II, Fayette Township, $69,000.

— Glendine Smith, executrix, to Stephen H. and Ruth A. Goldcamp, village of South Point, $12,000.

— Timothy P. Edwards and Sara S. Edwards to Eric Wyatt and Mischelle Wyatt, village of Coal Grove, $20,000.

— Darrell Spurlock to Timothy Webb and Randi Webb, Union Township. $1,541.83.

— Bobby J. Vaughn and Linda Vaughn to Shelly McGraw, city of Ironton, $27,000.

— Jimmie R. Snyder to James and Gail Cannon, Union Township, $20,000.

— Hazel Slater to Christy Brammer, Fayette Township, $79,000.

— Yancy Halley, et al, to Citibank, Decatur Township, $13,000.

— Clayton and Lora Campbell to Zoar Missionary Baptist Church, village of Coal Grove, $34,000.

— Church of Christ in Christian Union to Kendall P. Waller, village of Hanging Rock, $120,000.

— Joyce and George Fitzpatrick to Brent M. Wirzfeld, city of Ironton, $35,000.

— Larry and Janet McCarty to Sara Kay France, village of Coal Grove, $83,500.

— Donald R. Craft to Hanson Tacker Co., Fayette Township, $23,000.

— Joseph A. and Karen S. Baker to Hanson Tacker Co., Fayette Township, $57,000.

Benjamin Price and Christy Price to Jennifer Phillips and Joshua Gibson, Rome Township, $142,000.

— Deborah Sutcliffe to Vicki Hull, Rome Township, $180,000.

— Mark Shroder to Ryan Adam Scarberry, Fayette Township, $7,290.

— Glen R. and Florence Jones to David and Teresa Hamilton, village of Chesapeake, $200,000.

— Matt’s Enterprises to N&J Enterprises, city of Ironton, $150,000.

— Jerry Lowman and Kelli Lowman to McGinnis, Inc., $1,200,000.

— William Elder and Betty Elder to Robert and Juanita Stroud, Union Township, $2,000.

— Merri Jessica Leigh Warden to Ruth Estep, Fayette Township, $45,000.

— Timothy R. Stephens to Charles R. McFarland, et al, Union Township, $3,000.