Now is time to cast vote

Published 11:51 am Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some messages may sound like broken records but that may be because the tune is so vitally important.

Nothing is more crucial than the emphasis placed on the need to get out and cast your vote.

Months of anticipation, political wrangling and campaign rhetoric culminates today as voters across the nation head to the polls to decide who will lead America as our next president and who will lead their local governments.

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Many citizens may have become apathetic or disenchanted with the system for one reason or another. Those feelings need to be put aside and voters need to allow their voice to be heard by punching a ballot.

The issue isn’t about Republicans. It isn’t about Democrats. The central point is about democracy as all Americans will have to come together on Wednesday and move forward with those who are chosen to lead the way.

On a local level, where partisan politics often seem to take center stage, the overriding issues at stake may be arguably just as important as the presidential race when it comes to what it means right here at home.

From local alcohol sales options to tax levies to key county offices, Lawrence County voters have every reason to turnout and turnout strong.

We hope voters look at all the issues and the candidates and make up their minds based on the facts and qualifications.

Don’t listen to those who have a stake in the outcome. Don’t listen to others who may not be sharing information for altruistic reasons. Don’t listen to the media, the pundits or even the candidates.

Look at the facts and follow your heart.

Vote Democrat. Vote Republican. Vote a little of both.

The point is that you just vote.