Vets deserve top treatment

Published 1:43 pm Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It’s easy to appreciate America’s military veterans on Veterans Day.

Reasonable people can come to an obvious conclusion that their sacrifices are worthy of our attention and should demand our respect.

That goes without saying.

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Here in Lawrence County, giving recognition to those who serve is something that’s taken very seriously.

The Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade is second to none in this country. Making sure those who put themselves in harm’s way are not taken for granted is not something that does not have to be preached to people who live here.

But to be truly appreciative of those who have put, or are putting, their lives on the line, it takes a lot more than a pat on the back on a few holidays on the calendar or an hours long parade through the middle of town.

No, it takes an understanding of the very serious issues that face veterans today, starting with veterans health care.

Certainly, health care in America is a broken formula that leaves many deciding not to seek health care because of the financial ramifications. That is unacceptable for every American, but particularly for those who have these ailments because of their service to country.

Frankly, it should be viewed as nothing short of an American embarrassment.

Besides health care, the well-being of the families left behind by military personnel should be given more attention. Likewise, the resources given to troops when they do their duties in some of the world’s most dangerous places should be sufficient.

It’s one thing to be appreciative of those who have fought to protect the interests of this country. It’s quite another to make sure their quality of life is acceptable when, or if, they come home.