Fairland in need of new football stadium

Published 10:57 am Friday, November 14, 2008

I am very disappointed that the community failed to pass the levy to build a new football stadium in Rome to replace the old Fairland stadium.

I am a freshman at Fairland High School and played on the football team in the 2008 season, along with the past two middle school seasons. I think that the students at Fairland take pride in our school and our gym, which is a great basketball and volleyball facility, and are very grateful for it.

But if you were a visitor at Fairland and you saw our school and then walked to the stadium, you would see that it doesn’t even compare to the rest of our athletic facilities.

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I personally am embarrassed to play at the stadium, considering all of the other facilities we play at, like Rock Hill or South Point. If you have been to one of our home games within the past few years, you would see why I feel this way.

The stands are unsafe (especially on the visitors side), the stadium looks like it’s been ready to fall down for the past 10 years, the locker room and weight room have been condemned and reopened, and the bathrooms are really in need of improvement.

The field is also in need of some sort of new surface, as all it is now is crabgrass.

I just wish the community would keep in mind the athletes who play on this field, and also the fans who come out every Thursday and Friday night and all day Saturday during the football season to watch them play.

I would be greatly pleased if there will be another levy proposed in the upcoming year’s elections for another stadium. I wish the community will think more about the purpose of the levy, and to take it more seriously.

I thank the people who voted yes, you know about our situation and take it into mind.