Reactivate the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps

Published 9:20 pm Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am so excited about this idea to reactivate the U. S. Civilian Conservation Corps.

The problems our young people face today, unemployment, homelessness, addiction, and much more is staggering. The CCC would be an ideal program not only would it give them jobs but, it would build character, and give them a sense of belonging, while doing important work.

The impact it could have on conservation efforts nationwide would definitely be a welcome addition to our efforts to preserve and conserve our natural treasures.

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The USCCC was one of the most successful New Deal programs there was. I believe it can be again.

“We Can Take It” was the motto of the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps. The mission of this activist is to engage and empower the general public to urge our president and Congress to reactivate, refund and revamp this accountable and time proven program the United States Civilian Conservation Corps.

Environmental and infrastructural issues have long been ignored on a social and governmental level. This program would help solve those issues and energize our young adults and veterans.

It would be an optional alternative to military service. Their labor would help our infrastructure and environment. They would be on-call to help in disaster relief.

The United States Civilian Conservation Corps would enable our nation with a more confident, competent and reliable workforce ready for employment.


South Point