Christmas season is always about gift of love

Published 10:28 am Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is a very important holiday to most people. It is celebration of “giving.”

We find ourselves gathering with family and friends reminiscing about holidays past. The passing of gifts, sharing memories, or a Merry Christmas wish, or a gift of giving just because.

During the holidays, we get caught up in the bustle of shopping. Stress levels get very high. It’s like a holiday marathon and you feel like you can’t keep up.

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There is a way to win the race, just relax, pour yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Don’t worry about the gift that you could not buy, be happy that you have lots of love and warm greetings to give to others.

In that moment of solitude, remember, the greatest most valuable gift that was given to us all is love, for born unto you that day, is our savior Christ the Lord.

Wow, is that not the most awesome gift?

So, during this holiday season, smile, give out lots of hugs, love and kindness to family and friends and everyone you meet.

Greet them with a Merry Christmas smile. May God’s gift of love (Jesus) shine on you this holiday season.

Verna McDowell