Preschoolers sing at River’s Bend

Published 10:44 am Thursday, December 11, 2008

The sleigh bells around their necks were scheduled to make only one appearance. That was for their rendition of Jingle Bells.

But 5-year-old Jalen Jarrell of Proctorville seemed to like the sound so much, she used it as an accompaniment throughout the entire performance.

The event was the boys and girls from Wee Shine preschool singing for the residents of River’s Bend Nursing Home in South Point.

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“It is a service project,” said Connie Miller, director of the preschool affiliated with Rome Church of Christ in Proctorville. “This is the best thing we have found. We say they are singing for people’s grandmas and grandpas.”

Jalen, with a shiny red and green bow in her hair, sang the program of holiday and patriotic songs with gusto.

“I like to sing all the time,” she said.

Elsie Hamlin, a River’s Bend resident, took it all in with rapt attention.

“They put their little hearts into everything they do,” she said.

After the program, the children distributed to the audience Christmas cards they had made. Then, they took the show on the road as they went up and down the halls singing “Jingle Bells” and handing out more cards to those who couldn’t come to the dining hall.

Leading one group of children into rooms was Julie Stephens, a teacher at the preschool.

“This teaches them that Christmas is not about getting presents but doing things for other people,” she said. “It is good to teach that at a young age.”