Law breakers plead guilty to charges

Published 11:37 pm Saturday, December 20, 2008

Four people who were to have stood trial this week opted to abbreviate their day in court and pleaded guilty to the charges against them.

Vincent Arthur, 25, of 1724 Phillips St., Ironton, entered an Alford plea to one count each of assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest, In exchange for his plea, one count of improperly discharging a firearm was dismissed. An Alford plea means the defendant admits there is enough evidence to convict but still maintains his or her innocence.

Judge D. Scott Bowling sentenced Arthur to a total of six months in the Lawrence County Jail but suspended the sentence. Arthur was then placed on four years community controlled sanctions under intensive supervised probation (CCS/ISP) and ordered to successfully complete a rehabilitation program at the STAR Community Justice Center.

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Edward Holsinger, 38, of Flatwoods, Ky., pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking in marijuana, possession of criminal tools, aggravated possession of drugs and aggravated trafficking in drugs. Judge Charles Cooper sentenced Holsinger to a total of four years in prison and fined him a total of $8,750. Holsinger must surrender his driver’s license for two years and forfeit $100 confiscated at the time of his arrest.

Two young men who were arrested in the spring and charged with tearing up the grounds of the Ironton Country Club were to have stood trial together Thursday but each pleaded no contest to two counts of criminal trespass and two counts of vandalism.

Nico Fuentes, of 260 B Junior Furnace Road, Ironton, and Lee R. Keith, of 1575 Gallia Pike, Franklin Furnace, were each sentenced to five years CCS/ISP and were ordered to successfully complete a rehabilitation program at STAR. They must also pay, jointly and severally, $15,000 in restitution to the country club.