Energy plan still important

Published 10:53 am Wednesday, January 7, 2009

American consumers may be enjoying the low-priced gas at the pump right now but the need of finding alternative energy should be considered just as important as ever.

Although the $4-a-gallon fill ups from last year may seem like distant memories, analysts say prices are likely to increase well beyond that within the next few years.

According to reports on, the current economic situation could actually lead to higher prices down the road because the low prices will result in reduced exploration and production.

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Energy prices were a hot topic last year during the election cycle and we hope our elected leaders in Washington pay this issue more than lip service.

From November 2007 to October 2008, Americans drove 100 billion fewer miles than the year before, according to government figures. This drove supply up and prices down.

But now is time for our nation to do what it has failed to do for more than a decade and that is develop a comprehensive energy plan that includes more oil exploration, significant investment in alternative energy sources and a commitment to providing incentives to companies that work to minimize our nation’s oil dependence.

But the need goes far beyond just the government’s needed changes.

Business and industry — at the top of the list the automobile manufacturers — have to take a pro-active approach now and take steps to evaluate everything they do. Business-as-usual approach will result in a near energy crisis that America faced last year.

We may have forgotten the pain at the pump but we haven’t fixed the illness that caused it.