Sophomore Year

Published 10:31 am Friday, January 9, 2009

PROCTORVILLE — The two parks in the village of Proctorville are on the radar of Mayor Charles Stapleton as he starts his second year on the job.

Plans to clean up Riverside Park is one of Stapleton’s first priorities for the new year.

“We want to get it up to snuff, to make it a nice park,” the mayor said.

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He would like to see monthly cookouts at the park to bring out the community. Also, at a second park by the ball fields, Stapleton wants to update the playground equipment there.

“We are trying to go with grants and try to take some (money) out of the general fund,” he said. “We are going to get them ready for warm weather. And we’re trying to have monthly dances for the young kids at these parks.”

Continuing his first year’s goal of cleaning up the village is part of Stapleton’s 2009 agenda. That includes helping local businessman Charles Henderson who recently adopted the section of highway by his business.

“We’ll help him keep that clean. He and I grew up together,” Stapleton said. “People working their fines off we’ll put them up there.”

Removing dead trees and repairing or replacing sidewalks in residential areas are also goals.

Stapleton sees these clean-up efforts as his biggest accomplishment so far as mayor.

“It is seeing citizens take pride in their properties,” he said. “We have a pretty good-looking town now. I sent a letter out asking people to do this and started enforcing the ordinances.”

Also he was proud of the village council for passing a zoning ordinance that will only allow businesses on the main highway.

“We’ve been trying to pass that for years,” Stapleton said.

While he says he’s enjoying his new job, Stapleton expects this term to be his first and last.

“I only wanted one term to get the village cleaned up, then turn it over to the young people,” he said. “I think I will just retire and ride my motorcycle.”