Residents can help street sweepers to keep city clean

Published 10:07 pm Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why is street sweeping important? An effective street sweeping program is important because removing debris from gutters and roadsides means a cleaner more attractive city and less debris going down storm drains and into the Ohio River to cause water pollution.

The City of Ironton’s street sweeping program is only part of the solution to water pollution.

Residents can help by being aware of how their actions can contribute to or help solve the problem.

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For instance, poor housekeeping of yard waste, trash and debris from vehicle maintenance allows pollutants to enter street gutters and storm drains during periods of rain.

These pollutants include pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and yard clippings.

Residents rake leaves and blow yard clippings into the street, which will then enter the catch basins and sewer system causing blockages and street flooding, making it difficult for crews to remove these potential pollutants that will end up in the river.

Beginning Monday, the City of Ironton will be going door to door distributing the 2009 street sweeper schedule.

Copies of these schedules may also be obtained at the following locations in the city: The Ironton City Building Lobby, Mayor’s office, Police Station and Water Works office, Briggs Public Library, The Ironton Post Office, and The Ironton Tribune.

The 2009 street sweeper schedule is also available online at the city’s Web site at:

The schedule will show each month and day for the entire year when the street sweeper will be in each area.

Residents are encouraged to look over the entire schedule for additional sweeping days that may include them, due to some areas that are swept more frequently; such as high traffic and combined sewer overflow areas.

In order for us to do a better job on their street sweeping day, residents are asked to:

Mark street sweeping days on your calendar or clip your schedule from the street sweeping calendar.

Move vehicles off the street on your scheduled day.

Move basketball backboards and trash cans off the street on your scheduled day.

Don’t rake or blow leaves and grass into the street.

Trim trees back from the curb and to a height of 12-feet to allow the street sweeper clearance to avoid damaging sweeping equipment.

Street sweeping will not take place during holidays, extreme weather or mechanical failures. There will be no makeup dates. The next sweep will be on your scheduled day.

John Haskins is the superintendent of the City of Ironton’s wastewater treatment plant and street sweeper department.