OU Proctorville understands significance

Published 1:04 pm Friday, January 16, 2009

Turning points in American history can come in the blink of an eye — like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the first shots of the Civil War or 9-11 — or as an scheduled event that offers a moment for all to pause and appreciate.

One of those moments will come Tuesday as our nation truly lives up to the name “the land of opportunity” when Barack Obama is sworn in as the United States’ 44th president.

Thankfully Ohio University Proctorville and employee T.J. Bates get this and want to help students and the community embrace and enjoy this momentously historic event.

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Ohio University Proctorville will host a special viewing party at 11 a.m. Tuesday, opening its common room up to the community where visitors can watch the inauguration on a wide screen television.

Building off of Bates’ ideas, the school will also offer a digital time capsule of sorts as attendees can record their thoughts and emotions as equal rights takes a giant step.

The college experience is about diversity and expanding your horizons. That is exactly what OUP and Bares are trying to accomplish, something that we hope the entire community appreciates.

The Proctorville Center was built on the generous donations of academic supporters here in the Tri-State. Each of these individuals should be proud of the legacy events like this build.

Tuesday isn’t about Democrats. It isn’t about Republicans. It isn’t about black people or white people.

When Barack Obama takes office as our next president, the day will be about history and taking another step towards equality for all people.