Time Warner losing customers because service

Published 9:58 am Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have several thoughts on the recent article in the newspaper regarding Time Warner Cable.

Yes, I enjoy WBNS, and yes they do block it out most of the time.

Unfortunately, it is also blocked when WOWK is televising non-network programs, thereby keeping us from a network program we might want to watch, but they don’t monitor it to keep this from happening. And believe it or not, it does happen frequently.

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It is interesting because they carry a Lexington CBS station in Ashland. Are they stopping that?

Now, my biggest problem with TWC is this. Are you aware that we don’t receive much in the way of digital signal or, most importantly, we do not receive many HD programs from them.

If you look at Armstrong, Comcast or Cox, the other cable companies offer so very much more to their customers.

TWC gives us very few free HD channels. The others give a multitude of free HD channels. Actually, TWC has a poor choice of HD programming even when you add in the “pay” HD channels.

If you talk with this regional manager Mr. Mark Cole, ask him about that one. We should receive Channel 13 in HD.

It is no wonder they are losing so many customers to the satellite companies.

Karen McCown