Cruise vacations are worthy investment

Published 10:13 pm Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today more and more people are looking for value when they invest their travel dollars and many me included have discovered the pleasures of a cruise vacation. These mostly inclusive voyages are enjoyed by singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends. Even the corporate boardroom has taken to sea mixing business with pleasure. Last year nearly seven million people enjoyed this vacation style. When you add up what all is included in a cruise vacation I’m sure you’ll see why it’s a great travel value and want to get onboard. .

The price of your cruise ticket includes an exciting voyage to some of the most enchanting and culturally-enriching places and ports in the world as most major destinations are easily reached via deep blue oceans or inland waterways. Once onboard the vessel normally all of your meals and in-between snacks on-board; your stateroom, activities, parties and entertainment are included. Carnival Cruise Lines even offers a 24 hour pizzeria and their pies are free; Royal Caribbean offers a rock climbing and ice skating rink.

There are some exceptions that will have you reaching for your sign and sail (on board charge card). Items you’ll have to purchase onboard include soft drinks, alcohol, shore excursion, spa treatments, nominal fees for reservations only specialty restaurants, gratuities and other items of a personal nature. This reason is why I consideration most cruises to be fairly inclusive not an all inclusive package. Even with these additional fees tacked on to your total trip costs I still strongly believe that a vacation at sea is a great value when compared to comparable land based touring vacations.

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Today’s deep ocean cruise vessels are virtually floating resorts with all the things a fine resort hotel has to offer plus more! The ships plying the inland rivers, lakes and sea are floating boutique hotels. For the romantics you’ll still find tall masted sailing ships or nostalgic stern wheel paddle boats. The choice of ships, destinations and itineraries may be overwhelming but after you select the proper ship and itinerary to suit your vacation style you’ll be ready to sail away.

Gourmet restaurants, world class spas, well equipped fitness centers, Internet cafes and satellite TV are found on today’s cruise ships. Well equipped classrooms, meeting centers, dance clubs even state of the art child care centers await you onboard. Onboard you’ll meet new friends who share the same tastes and interests as you.

The hassles of an ordinary vacation are completely eliminated. A cruise is one convenient package. You don’t have to worry about making dinner or nightclub reservations, running to make flight connections as you travel from one destination to another, or packing and unpacking.

Unpack once then lie back and be completely pampered. Or take the active nonstop route. Do nothing at all or do it all! Indulge your senses and dine like never before, enjoy one great show after another or try your hand with Lady Luck in the casino. Or just “veg” out on the Pool deck and let your cares float away!

With today’s low, low cruise fares it’s no wonder that more people are taking cruise vacations than ever before. And once they get a taste of cruising, they come back for more, again and again.

I hope you have a better idea of what a cruise vacation is. If not email your cruise questions to or call (800) 626-0513 ext. 4559.

Happy travels!