Are you prepared for emergencies?

Published 10:46 am Sunday, February 1, 2009

If there was ever any doubt, the recent winter storms that brought snow, rain and ice have reaffirmed that Mother Nature still holds the trump card in life.

Thousands were without electricity and heat, others didn’t have water. Anyone who left their homes had to deal with icy roads and less than ideal conditions.

Power companies and road crews were scrambling to restore the infrastructure to the levels of which we have grown accustomed and even take for granted.

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But this storm — and the threat of more to come in the next few days — should serve as a powerful lesson that all of us must be prepared for adversity and challenges.

Having the right tools is vital to overcoming situations like this. Sadly, most of us only think about emergency preparation during the actual crisis as we lament the things we should have done differently.

Then, once the crisis has passed, we forget the pain and heartache that came with it.

So, now is time for action. Preparation can start today.

Each of us should think about preparing a disaster kit. Key items would be bottled water, batteries, flashlights, blankets, candles, non-perishable food, warm clothes, medicine, first-aid kit, a heat source and fuel and many other things.

The Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency is happy to assist in providing a complete checklist of things needed in case of an emergency. The agency can be reached at (740) 533-4375.

Taking the time now to plan ahead can save lots of regrets and second-guessing down the road.

No one can predict what Mother Nature is going to do. But we can all control how we prepare for the worst-case scenarios.