‘Irons’ can help build future

Published 10:33 am Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It is only fitting that the City of Ironton is moving forward by having several proverbial irons in the fire.

The city is working on a variety of infrastructure-type projects that could improve the city’s marketability, improve its economic development opportunities and improve its quality of life.

With so many critics quick to point out what city leaders aren’t doing, we hope Ironton residents take a realistic look at the status of the city before declaring that the glass is half full.

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The city is moving forward with a variety of projects including a street paving project on South Third Street, the rehabilitation of the long-defunct Ironton Iron site, a mandated sewer project, renovation of the downtown Depot Square district and the revitalization of two landmarks — Memorial Hall and the Ro-Na Theater — that had fallen into states of disrepair.

We may not agree with every decision made by Mayor Rich Blankenship and the Ironton City Council but anyone looking at the situation objectively has to concede that they are working hard to address several key issues — many of which had been discussed for years with little actual results ever materializing.

With a still struggling economy, it is important that the city and the entire county continue to build off its recent momentum and position itself well for the future.

And just like the condition of the national economy, Ironton’s decline didn’t happen overnight. It is foolish to think that it can be rebuilt that way.

But a bright future all starts with a strong foundation and Ironton’s can be built on its namesake.