Time Warner needs to take care of customers

Published 10:11 am Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time Warner Cable is a joke. The channels freeze all the time. When they do work, lines come across the screen — yellow, red, white and all kinds of colors.

The picture will stop and if you turn to another channel, there is nothing then, except wait. The channel will be available soon, sometimes soon is two to four hours or longer.

We’ve had servicemen here three or four times since October 2008. They can’t seem to fix it. Seems like Time Warner Cable can raise prices anytime they want to.

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We pay $124.74 a month after their last raise. Council or Commissioner (who ever is in charge of this) should get someone to compete with Time Warner Cable instead of taking advantage of people. The listings are wrong sometimes. A certain thing is supposed to come on, you go to the channel and something else is on.

We’re lucky to watch TV three weeks out of a month and still pay the same price.

I’m thinking about changing to something else. So, Time Warner Cable better get their stuff in order. Thanks for listening.

We can’t stand any more raises on cable.

Sonny Avery

Coal Grove