River Valley wins OVC wrestling tri-match

Published 4:19 am Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally, a league championship for the River Valley Raiders.

Sort of.

River Valley beat Chesapeake and Fairland Thursday to win the Ohio Valley Conference Wrestling Tri-Match for the first time.

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However, the win is not a league championship since league rules state four teams must be involved to award the conference title.

River Valley beat Cheapeake 42-36 and Fairland 39-24 in the round robin tournament.

Chesapeake beat Fairland 36-24.

Here are the results from the three rounds:

Ohio Valley Conference

Wrestling Tri-Match

Round One: Chesapeake vs. Fairland

103 – Justin Pitts (CH) recieved a forfeit

112 – Alex McDonald (CH) was pinned by Wayne Moore (F)

119 – Brendan Tweel (F) recieved a forfeit

125 – Chandler Lewis (F) recieved a forfeit

130 – Double forfeit

135 – Tommy Noble (CH) recieved a forfeit

140 – Cody Crank (CH) pinned Amanda Cooper (F)

145 – Nicholas Dillon (F) recieved a forfeit

152 – Gabriel Freyre (CH) pinned John Lange (F)

160 – Schuyler Moore (F) recieved a forfeit

171 – Kris Pinkerman (F) recieved a forfeit

189 – C.J. Noble (CH) was pinned by Nathaniel Brewer (F)

215 – Chris Hughes (CH) pinned Matt Campbell (F)

285 – Richard McFarland (CH) pinned Tyler Gad (F)

Team Score: Chesapeake 36 Fairland 42

Round Two: Chesapeake vs. River Valley

103 – Justin Pitts(CH) won by forfeit

112 – Alex McDonald(CH) won by forfeit

119 – Nick Watson (RV) won by forfeit

125 – Jordan Rife (RV) won by Forfeit

130 – Double Forfeit

135 – Tommy Noble (CH) won by forfeit

140 – Matt Mulford (RV) pinned Cody Crank(CH)

145 – Jordan Miller (RV) won by forfeit

152 – Eli Kimble (RV) was pinned by Gabriel Freyre (CH)

160 – Trent Holcomb (RV) won by forfeit

171 – Garrett Sheets (RV) won by forfiet

189 – Eric Snyder (RV) was pinned by C.J. Noble (CH)

215 – Zane Carroll (RV) was pinned by Chris Hughes (CH)

285 – Alex Smith (RV) pinned Richard McFarland(CH)

Team Score: River Valley 42 Chesapeake 36

Round Three: Fairland vs. River Valley

103- Double Forfeit

112 – Double Forfeit

119 – Nick Watson (RV) was pinned by Wayne Moore (F)

125 – Jordan Rife (RV) won over Brendan Tweel (F) 5-3

130 -Chandler Lewis (F) won by forfeit

135 – double forfeit

140 – Matt Mulford (RV) pinned Amanda Cooper (F)

145 – Jordan Miller (RV) pinned Nick Dillon (F)

152 – Eli Kimble (RV) pinned John Lange (F)

160 – Garrett Sheets (RV) was pinned by Schuyler Moore (F)

171 – Trent Holcomb (RV) pinned Kris Pinkerman (F)

189 – Eric Snyder (RV) was pinned by Nathaniel Brewer(F)

215 – Zane Carroll (RV) pinned Matt Campbell (F)

285 – Alex Smith (RV) pinned Tyler Goad (F)

Team Score: River Valley 39, Fairland 24