Windsor seeks funds for new fire station

Published 10:25 am Friday, February 27, 2009

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP — Millions of dollars in federal stimulus money is being — or will be — earmarked for state and local projects and for emergency services.

One local fire chief has a project he hopes gets local support and federal money.

Windsor Township Fire Chief Tyler Hamlin told the Lawrence County Commissioners that he would like $500,000 to build a new fire station.

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The existing building was built in 1965. Hamlin acknowledged while it has served the department well, it has long since served its purpose.

“We have one bathroom but the toilet is ready to fall through the floor because of the old rotting wood,” Hamlin said. He showed the Lawrence County Commission a photo collage of cracks in the walls and holes in the windows as well as other time damage.

The existing facility is not in compliance with National Fire Protection Association standards nor does it comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Hamlin said the department’s operating budget of $15,000-$16,000 has no wiggle room: approximately $3 goes to pay for fuel for the fire trucks, $2,700 was spent last year for training that is frequently mandated for firefighters. Another $1,000 was spent on propane to heat the building and $3,000 was spent on water, insurance and other necessities.

“You spend most of the money you have on necessities, don’t you?” Commissioner Doug Malone agreed.

Hamlin pointed out that Windsor’s department also serves Mason Township so what benefits Windsor residents would also benefit its neighbors.

“So you serve 3,000 residents, easily, don’t you?” Commissioner Jason Stephens asked.

“Very easily,” Hamlin replied.

Hamlin walked away with a letter of support from the commission, He said he has also approached other elected officials as well. Both South Point and Aid fire departments are also asking for some of the stimulus money.