Symmes Valley FFA take part in career development event

Published 10:31 am Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WILLOW WOOD — Symmes Valley FFA members recently traveled to Federal Hocking High School. The trip was to take part in the District Job Interview Career Development Event.

The CDE tests participant’s potential to be hired. The preparations include sending in a cover letter, and resume. At the event each contestant is given fifteen minutes to fill out an application.

The contestant is then interviewed by a judge. In the interview they are graded based on everything from their hand shake to their response to the question they are being asked.

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After the interview each contestant must write a follow-up letter. The combination of these items makes up the contestants score.

Symmes Valley had a contestant in each of the five divisions. In the freshman division, Garret Crawford received third place.

In the sophomore division, Rebecca Holland placed fifth. First year junior division Chelsey Keathley received second and Samantha Thomas placed seventh in the junior division.

In the senior division was Stephanie Rowe who also placed seventh.

Overall the scores reflected how well each participant did. Advisor Beth Roberts said she was highly pleased and plans on participating in the Career Development Event again next year.