Firefighters deserve praise

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It is among the most thankless of jobs, one that takes special individuals who are willing to rise to the occasion and place their own lives on the line.

Thankfully, Lawrence County has a tremendous group of full-time and volunteer firefighters who always answer the call of duty.

And these men and women have been especially busy in recent weeks, serving as a shining example of why the entire community owes our fire departments a debt of gratitude.

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From a massive fire in Ironton that destroyed three houses to a raging brush fire along Lawrence Street Road to several fires in the Chesapeake and Burlington areas, volunteer and paid firefighters have done a tremendous job of serving our communities and protecting lives and property.

Many statistics could be used to illustrate the hard work and dedication these firefighters have shown.

The most telling numbers aren’t the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages or the hundreds of hours worked or even the immeasurable gallons of water used. No, the most telling statistical measure is ZERO — as in the number of lives lost in these recent fires.

That is proof in and of itself of the success and excellence demonstrated by these departments and all those who volunteer their time to make our communities more safe.

Each and every citizen should take a moment to appreciate their firefighters, consider volunteering or lending a hand or just take the time to say “Thank you.”

There is very little we can do to make the job easier but we can ensure that it isn’t thankless.