Fantasy author continues literary journey

Published 11:09 pm Saturday, March 14, 2009

SOUTH POINT — It looks like the village of South Point is turning into the home of its own J.K. Rowling as Rebecca Lesler gets ready to turn out her second fantasy book.

Back in June when Lesler published her first book, “The Magic Stone: Return of Two Kings,” she discovered she had a following for her tale about two young boys named James and Evan overcoming their demons.

Fans encouraged her to add to the series as soon as possible, she said.

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Now she is taking James and Evan on another adventure in “The Truth of the Magic Stone,” this time with the wizard Merlin. That’s when the two boys learn the truth of the stone.

“It holds more power than people think,” Lesler said. “The future was changed by a good deed done in the past.”

Lesler, who is also an Ohio University Southern nursing student, looks at her books as a learning tool for youngsters.

“It teaches kids morals, that when things go wrong, you just can’t run away from them,” she said. “It teaches courage and friendship, but it is also entertaining.”

Lesler has always found writing a creative and enjoyable pastime but said she could never have conceived of the response her series has elicited.

“It is amazing,” she said. “I never thought this day would come. I wanted to stop at book three, but I have had several fans who want it to go on.”

The second book, like the first, is put out by Publish America and should be out by April as soon as the design team finishes. It will be available through; eBay; Barnes and Noble and Baker and Taylor.

“I enjoy writing,” Lesler said. “It is a way to let your imagination run wild.”