School bus crashes on Etna-Waterloo Road

Published 11:05 pm Saturday, March 28, 2009

SYMMES TOWNSHIP — The kids are okay even if the ride home from school Friday afternoon was a bit off the norm.

The Symmes Valley Schools bus 14 went off the road Friday afternoon near the intersection of County Road 4 (Etna-Waterloo Road) and County Road 48 (Buckeye Road).

“The bus driver was coming up the hill and just got off on the soft shoulder,” School Superintendent Tom Ben explained.

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The bus left the roadway and overturned in a ditch, according to information from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

One of the 22 students on board at the time sought medical help afterward.

Traci Knipp said she would take her 16-year-old daughter, Angela, to the hospital to be checked out.

“She took a thump to the head,” Knipp said.

Amy Wiseman went to the scene to collect her nephews, Mike Haney, 12, and his brother, Matthew, 6.

She said they seemed to have weathered the incident with little effect.

“They’re fine. Their biggest concern is, they’re hungry,” Wiseman said.