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‘Change’ America voted for might sink our country

Have you noticed just how quickly that our new president is moving us along towards us no longer being a Democracy and into a socialistic government?

For more than 200 years we have been operating on a capitalistic form of government, and we got along just fine. Now we are to abandon what made us the strongest nation on planet Earth to join the rest of the losers.

As was said of Obama’s policies, “they are going to sink this country.” However this is the “change” that you voted for.

Our taxes will skyrocket in order to pay for doing what he wants to do and we will lose what respect we now have.

Did anyone watch the news recently when a person in England said socialized medicine is the worst thing that can happen to us?

There is a reason for skyrocketing medical problems, and it is this: Those who will not go to a doctor, but with a small ache, head for the emergency room for treatment, that in most cases a dose of Pepto Bismol would cure.

They don’t care, as they don’t work, and have nothing better to do but to sit around and talk while the person who really needs treatment has to wait.

If I sound cynical, you could say that I am. For more that 45 years I had to work to raise my family and nothing was given to me. I earned it.

Homer Campbell