Lifesong Church moving Sunday Services to Paramount Arts Center

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ASHLAND, Ky. — Lifesong Church in Ashland will be moving its Sunday morning services to the Paramount Arts Center beginning this Easter.

“Lifesong exists for those who seek an intimate and authentic worship experience in a contemporary setting. We are seeking to communicate the Gospel to our generation in a way that is easily understandable and culturally relevant, even to those who have not experienced a church setting before.” said Keith Menshouse, senior pastor.

“Our vision is to become a magnet for those in our community who are seeking. Some may be seeking an experience with a church that is different from a past experience which left them empty or disillusioned. Others are seeking a relationship with God but have never come to understand the truth of the Gospel” emphasized Menshouse.

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“In a little over two years, Lifesong has outgrown our current worship facility, the Paramount is an icon, and is located strategically in the center of Ashland, when the opportunity presented itself we responded” said Phillip Duncan, associate pastor.

The stated mission of Lifesong Church is to present the message of Jesus to the de-churched and never-churched of the Ashland area; and to create opportunities for all believers to both discover and fulfill God’s purposes for their lives. Lifesong is currently located at 1200 Greenup Ave. The Paramount Arts center is located at 1300 Winchester Avenue.

For detailed information about the move to the Paramount, as well as facts about Lifesong, please contact Keith Menshouse at 606.922.0269 or go to