‘Friends’ show needed vision

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value.”

— Ben Jonson,

English Renaissance dramatist, poet and actor

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The Friends of Ironton civic group continues to show that it truly exemplifies its name.

The grassroots organization has once again shown a passion and vision for Ironton, one that will benefit the youth of Ironton and Lawrence County for years to come.

The Friends recently unveiled its plans to build a SprayGround — a 21st century water playground — on a vacant lot at the corner of Second and Vernon streets.

The playground will have a variety of water features and should allow a safe, free, family friendly environment.

Even better, the Friends plan to build this park solely with their own funds and donations. The City of Ironton won’t be spending a dollar of taxpayers funds to build this.

And with only $3,000 annual operating expense, this sprayground will be an affordable way to offer our area’s youth something to do during the summer months.

Also, the Friends of Ironton understands that this project will perfectly complement the other work under way to renovate downtown Ironton

From the Depot Square project to work on the Ro-Na Theatre to the Ironton Rotary Club’s fountain square renovation, a variety of organizations are working toward this positive future.

Anyone who says the city should just give up its efforts is part of the problem and should get out of the way of those who have the vision to make a difference.

These are the true friends of Ironton.