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Students help women’s club prep for events

PROCTORVILLE — The third graders in Kim Staggs’ class at Fairland West Elementary are a little too young to join the Proctorville Woman’s Club. But that didn’t stop them from helping out as the club gets ready for two big conventions this spring.

Next weekend is the Ohio Federation of Woman’s Club convention in Columbus. There all woman’s club members will be gearing up for the international convention in June. A fellow Ohioan, Scarlett Ebenhack from Circleville, came up with the idea that every state donate a non-perishable item that is representative of it. They will be placed in goody bags.

It was Staggs’ class who created the map that will be displayed at the international convention in Cleveland.

“They were thrilled,” Staggs said. “I put an overhead of the United States on the projector and they traced.”

The map will be on display at Cleveland and marked with each state’s contribution to the goody bags.

“I’m going to take it to international so everyone can see what they donated,” Staggs said.

All items will be turned over to food banks.

Ebenhack is in charge of centerpieces and the Ohio women will be working on them in Columbus.

The centerpieces will be three-tiered cakes made out of diapers, decorated with booties, bibs and toys. When the Cleveland convention is over, these will be donated to domestic violence centers.

“It has a purpose,” Staggs said. “It’s not just flowers that get thrown away.”