‘Double dipping’ is just getting what you earn

Published 10:15 am Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is “double dipping?” If it is working a job after retiring then I have another question.

While you are working, do you ever go to the bank and withdraw any money? Then you are double dipping.

Someone who has retired, and has an employer ready to re-employ him or her for a job that no one is more suitable for or at least the employer thinks so, should be totally acceptable for that job.

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I taught high school industrial arts for 40 years, and upon retirement, applied and was hired for the same position.

I have since gone to another school district, still teaching auto-cad drafting and design, and required to keep my certification and training current and meeting all of the requirements that any other teacher must meet. So where is the “double dipping?”

I do the same function as any other teacher and I expect the same compensation.

The fact that I get a check from my 40 years of investments is no one’s business but mine.

I don’t ask if other people are drawing dividends or interest on their investments.

The check I draw every two weeks is for what I do. The check I draw every month is for what I did.

What do we call people who draw welfare checks and have never worked? Continual dippers?

Paul E. Sites, Jackson