ACTC offers College Camp

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ASHLAND, Ky. —College Camp 2009 at Ashland Community and Technical College offers classes ranging from claymation to alternative art to money management.

The afternoon classes for ages six to 13 provide hands-on learning in exciting subjects not offered during the regular school year. Each class includes activities that stimulate creativity and imagination while building academic and personal skills.

Classes are designed to meet the abilities of four age groups: six to seven, eight to nine, 10 to 11, and 12 to 13. Students may take from one to four of the one-hour classes, and each class is $25.

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The camp will be from June 15 to 26. To register or request a class schedule, contact ACTC Lifelong Learning, 606-326-2072 or 800-928-4256 ext. 62072, email:

Here are just a few of the camp classes:

“Art-ternative” Art: Explore art forms that were once considered rebellious, strange, and just plain misunderstood! Projects will include Op-Art, Cubism, Street Art and Altered Books.

ClayMation: Explore animation, sculpting, visual literacy, and multimedia concepts. You’ll turn characters into animations using a digital camera and a computer and then create story lines and make a movie clip.

Computer Graphics: Start on computer graphics programming using qbasic. Learn how to approach a problem, flow chart the solution, write computer code to solve the problem, and adapt movement and sound into the project.

Enjoy Russian: Learn everyday Russian words and phrases while you play games, sing songs, learn rhymes and make simple tasty dishes. You’ll also learn about Russian famous cities, holidays and traditions.

On Stage: Get to know the ins and outs of the theater by studying warm-up activities, elements of theater, acting styles and the processes of auditioning, rehearsing and performing.

You’re a Poet Who Doesn’t Know It! Write various forms of poetry, including couplet, quatrain, cinquain, Haiku, acrostic, limerick, and more! You’ll learn to find inspiration in everyday life as you create a poetry book as a final project.

Ages 6-7

“Elementary, My Dear…” Learn and use the art elements in 2-D and 3-D words of art. You’ll experiment with different art processes and materials, and science lessons will be incorporated into the activities.

The Senses and You: Learn about the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. You will create 2-D and 3-D works of art using science lessons on the senses.

For Ages 6-9

Masterpiece Art: Explore visual art from ancient cave paintings to modern day abstractions. Learn about the basic such as color, line and texture, and experiment with media and techniques to create your own masterpiece.

Police Academy 102: Earn your Junior Trooper certificate and badge while learning about personal safety topics like stranger danger, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, bicycle safety and fire and crime prevention.

For Ages 6-11

It’s Easy Being Green: Learn about global warming, recycling, conservation, organics and other environmental topics Activities include planting flowers and making bookmarks from recycled materials.

Talking with My Hands: Learn sign language terms, the alphabet and basic signs for family members and popular foods. You will learn to ‘sign’ a song for the end of the class.

For Ages 8-11

The Money Savvy Kids Project: Money doesn’t grow on trees, so where does it come from and where should it go? In a pretend family with a career and salary, you’ll experience managing a budget for regular expenses, unexpected expenses and everyday wants and needs.

For Ages 10-11

Money and Me: Do you like spending money? Have you ever wondered how your family manages to buy what you need? Learn about the world of money and how to budget, write checks, and save for the future.

For ages 10-13

Author! Author! Write a mini-biography, poems, song lyrics, short stories and a mini-screenplay while you learn about these different styles or writing and what makes them special.

Charmed Yarn: Crocheting – You will be “sorted” into houses and learn basic crocheting of a small Harry Potter themed project. Those who took the class last year can come and learn more advanced techniques.

Charmed Yarn: Knitting – You will be “sorted” into a house and learn basic knitting of a small Harry Potter themed project. Those who took the class last year can learn more advanced techniques.

Digital Storytelling: Write, edit, and publish short stories and poetry using fun and creative activities. You will then bring your work to life with a variety of media.

Flag “FUN”damentals” Learn flag technique for color guard and winter guard with basic flag fundamentals including spins, flutters, and tosses. You’ll practice incorporating these moves in a routine set to music.

Lego Cybernetics: Start with the basic concepts of robotics and then learn about the Lego Mindstorm NXT kit. In the second week, you’ll be in one of two teams building robots. The last two days will be a “robot war” battle between the two teams.

Mad Scientist Club: Do discovering unseen forces draw you in? Do chemical reactions get your blood pumping? Does working with energy set you in motion? You’ll find answers to these questions and more.

Reader’s Theatre: Use scripts, literature and creative writing to create and perform works of reader’s theatre. Boost your reading skills, gain confidence in speaking skills and learn teamwork.

The Sound of Music: What’s the difference between a violin and fiddle? When does sound become music? Discover traditional music from our region and learn how to make musical sounds from common household items.

For Ages 10-11

College Camp Choir: Did you know that our country has a birthday? Do you like to sing? If so, join this celebration of our country’s birthday, and travel through a history that changed our country forever.

Don’t Leave Me Out! Sticks and stones may break your bones, but these plants will never hurt you. Learn about the green world around you while you raise your own plant.

For Ages 12-13

Career Capers: Do you want to be an astronaut or a doctor? See what careers interest you, how much college you’ll need, and how a good career can change your life forever.

Intro to “Twilight:” Study “Twilight,” a novel by Stephanie Myer, in a literature circle. You’ll have the chance to participate in small and whole group discussions.

Looking Up Abe Lincoln: Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Take a walk through history as you discover who Abraham Lincoln was and what he did that changed our country forever.

Mystery Writers Club: Would you like to be a detective? Do you like suspense? Peer into the world of mystery writers and write your own mystery. Who knows-you might be the next Sherlock Holmes!

The History of Rock and Roll: Learn about Rock and Roll from its earliest origins all the way to the present. You will create a digital project on a selected artist using Windows Media.