DB students truly need to be recognized for selflessness

Published 11:20 am Friday, May 8, 2009

It recently has come to my attention the third-grade class of Dawson-Bryant Elementary donated their class field trip money to Camden Park to the Wilcox family, the family whose mother was burned in a house fire.

As I applaud these children’s big hearts and generosity, I feel that some county organization should step up and provide the funds for these students to be able to attend Camden Park, as a reward for thinking of others less fortunate.

If we reward children for good deeds we will produce fine upstanding adults.

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I challenge the Lawrence County citizens and officials to set an example by rewarding these generous students and provide the $600 for the class field trip.

Children are the future of Lawrence County and these fine students deserve their class trip for their heart felt sacrifice.

Brenda Wood

Coal Grove