County mailing tax bills

Published 10:15 am Monday, May 11, 2009

Lawrence County property owners, take note: your second-half real estate taxes are in the mail or soon will be.

Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Dale Burcham said he made an effort to mail the majority of tax bills by Friday to save money since the U.S. Postal Service is raising rates to 44 cents today for first-class mail. Burcham said the deadline for paying second-half taxes is July 17.

In another effort to save money, paper bills will not be printed for tax amounts of less than $2.

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Burcham said the county does have some parcels on which less than $2 is owned.

People who own these parcels still owe the tax bill, though and may call his office to discuss the matter if they have any questions.

“With the postage, the envelope, the bill and everything, we’re trying to save money,” Burcham said.

Burcham said those who wish to pay by credit card may do so in person at the treasurer’s office.

Taxpayers may also make automatic debits from their checking account in person or by telephone.

Last year second-half tax collections amounted to $8 million.

First-half collections amounted to $11.8 million, nearly $12,000 short of the amount collected during the first half of 2008.

Most of this money is divided between the county’s public school districts.

The remainder goes to fund various other government agencies such as the health department, Lawrence County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and the courthouse offices.