Safe schools vital program

Published 10:04 am Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We all worry about our children’s safety while they are at school but we shouldn’t overlook the dangers on the way to and from these institutions.

A statewide initiative, Safe Routes to Schools, is designed to improve this by providing funding that allows cities, villages and school districts to implement improvements such as traffic signals, crosswalk signage, sidewalks, etc.

We applaud the villages of South Point and Chesapeake and those same school districts for their efforts to put those plans in place and improve their respective districts and ultimately the entire community.

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Schools or municipalities participating in this program are eligible for up to $250,000 for an infrastructure project for each funding cycle and $50,000 for non-infrastructure plans such as education or encouragement projects

Schools mean so much to their communities, often serving as the focal point for families and the future of our region. But strong schools are also vital to the economic stability and growth of a region.

School districts typically provide quality jobs with benefits. Schools provide activities that bring communities closer together. And schools are a key factor that economic development leaders use when pitching a region to prospective business and industry.

So, anything that makes our schools — and ultimately our youth — more safe is a positive investment.

Keeping Lawrence County’s children safe — at school and in transit — makes perfect sense.