City to flush hydrants this week

Published 10:42 pm Saturday, May 16, 2009

IRONTON ā€” The Ironton Fire Department will flush hydrants for six nights beginning Monday.

Residents may notice a temporary discoloration of their water and should avoid using water for laundry or drinking at that time. Some areas could be affected multiple evenings.

The schedule is:

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Monday: Pick ā€˜Nā€™ Save mall area, Yellow Branch/Deep Cut area, Indian Hills, Zenith Heights and State Route 141 areas, Ninth Street from Washington Street to Heplar Street, 10th Street from Adams Street to Maple Street and the 11th and Maple streets area.

Tuesday: Ninth Street from Kemp to Lorain streets, 10th Street from Kemp Street to Wyanoke Street, Liberty Avenue in the OUS area, 11th Street from Jones Street to Clinton Street, 12th Street from Kemp Street to Wyanoke Street, Muth Lumber area, Eighth Street from Lawrence Street to Wyanoke Street, Ninth and Center streets, depot Square, Seventh Street from Vernon Street to Walnut Street.

Wednesday: Seventh Street from Pine Street to Wyanoke Street, Sixth Street from Vesuvius Street to Clinton Street and Fifth Street from Quincy Street to Elm Street.

Thursday: Fifth Street from Chestnut Street to Lorain Street, Fourth Street from Sycamore Street to Wyanoke Street and Third Street from Center Street to Jefferson Street.

Friday: Third Street from Monroe Street to the city limits south, Second Street from Center to Second and McGovney streets, Bobby Bare Boulevard and Park Avenue to Campbell and Madison streets, First and Jefferson streets to First Street and Mastin Avenue, Fifth and Orchard streets, Sherman Thompson Towers and Susan Court area.

Saturday: Sewer plants 1, 2, and 3, Third and Railroad streets to Third and Sycamore streets, Second and Railroad streets to Second and Sycamore streets, Rock Avenue, Green Valley area, North end Fifth Street through First Street.