Woodland caretakers issue reminder about rules

Published 10:41 pm Saturday, May 16, 2009

Staff Report

It is without question the one holiday that draws more former Lawrence Countians back to Lawrence County than any other: Memorial Day.

With this in mind, Woodland Cemetery officials are issuing a reminder to visitors about cemetery rules.

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In the Soldiers Section, flowers may only be placed for a 3-day period. Any remaining flowers left on Wednesday, May 27 will be removed and thrown away. Artificial flower arrangements or similar items may not be placed on the ground in front of or around stone.

The cemetery does not permit mulching, fencing, and/or gravel around the lots. Live plants or shrubs may not be planted.

Cemetery rules do not permit solar lights and or garden flags to be placed on the ground or around the stone.

Cemetery rules allow one shepherd hook per grave and a shepherd hook bearing two hooks for double or triple-lot stones.

No open flames or candles are permitted on cemetery grounds.

Officials have posted the list of rules at each entrance to allow visitors to read them before purchasing adornments to graves.

Woodland Cemetery rules

1. Veterans section is allowed 1 flag and no flowers. This section is to look uniform and special. Only on Memorial Day can flowers be placed at a 3-day period- day before, day of, and to be removed the day after.

2. All flowers must be up off the ground and on a marker. No figurines, or any toys, on the ground.

3. Flowers may be placed only at the head of a new grave for

a certain amount of time to give family time to get a marker.

4. Only one shepherd’s hook allowed on one lot and only two hooks and two pots of flowers on double grave, any excess hooks will be removed.

5. No dogs, cats, motorcycles or bicycles allowed in the cemetery.

6. Benches are not allowed unless they are made of marble or granite. And must be placed and approved by the superintendent if space is available.

7. There is to be no curbing, fencing, rocks, gravel, or etc. around, any lots.

8. No glass jars or breakable containers will be permitted on grave or stone.

9. Children must be accompanied by the parents.

10. No loitering or littering is allowed.

11. Planting of trees and small shrubs must be done by the superintendent only with his approval.

Anything unsightly to the eye of the superintendent will be thrown away.

The goal is to please everyone and have a beautiful cemetery for relatives to visit their loved ones.