Where are the Upper Township Trustees?

Published 9:35 am Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kudos to Perry Township Trustees for cleaning up their end of the county.

I don’t think Upper Township has any trustees.

County Road 181 has three mattresses on the side of the road – matter of fact, the county mowed around them on Monday, May 11. We have couches, chairs and other furniture over the creek bank.

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If you get out and look, you will see a lot of tires over the hill.

We have homes out here that don’t have a septic tank. We have a person who has a horse locked up in a shed that never sees daylight.

Someone needs to look at this end of the county. County Road 21 and 22, Fox Hollow, Tick Ridge, forestry roads, Lawrence Street, this is to name only a few on this end of the county.

I hope if it is looked at, one of our judges will do the same as Judge Donald Capper.

Dan Palmer, with the Lawrence -Scioto Solid Waste Management District, has the right idea, you need a lot more help than what you have. I do want to thank you for trying.

This is more than anyone else has ever done for Lawrence County.

The recycle bins around the county area great! And, yes, I do recycle. And, yes, I do pick up trash along County Road 181.

Why doesn’t Upper Township have community cleanups?

I will help, but remember, some of us still have a regular job.

As you go out on this end of the county, you will see a lot of trash.

Regina Justice, Upper Township