Crawford fails to realize budget is pork-filled

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First, Jim Crawford starts out with the suggested truth of a budget deficit of $1.84 trillion dollars.

Well, this is just a projection of how much it will be.

Then, he is still trying to lay the blame for this on former President George W. Bush. Just look at the facts and you will see that, until our present president, we have never, and I mean never, had a budget with so much pork and so little benefit for anyone.

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Yes, we will all have a great price to pay as taxes will go up on all working people. That is if Obama doesn’t run all the jobs in this country overseas.

To date, the Iraq war has cost us less than $900 billion dollars and you are happy with the new budget that will not bring jobs, but will saddle our children and grandchildren with higher taxes for as far as the eye can see.

According to my figures, take the war in Iraq and the budget and subtract it. I think that before long your love affair with this spend and spend mentality will show that it won’t get us out of trouble.

Well, when inflation goes through the roof, which it has to because of all the spending that is going on, and we have no way to pay the bills, where will we turn in order to get money just to pay the interest on the debt?

Will Crawford then try and blame this spending on the Republicans? Since the beginning of time in America, during the time of World War I or World War II, has there ever been a budget with so much waste in it? What happened to his promise of a line-item veto on pork?

As you can see, that was just a campaign promise to get to the White House.

Wait for his next year’s promise of no taxes on anyone making under even $50,000. It will not be there, even for those who make even $30,000.

Homer Campbell, Ironton