Grads should not despair

Published 10:13 am Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soon to be high school and college graduates take heed: You control your future and also your success, regardless of the economic climate.

As our nation’s economy continues to trudge along in an almost unprecedented recession, hundreds of Lawrence County’s young men and women are preparing to enter college or the workforce.

The doom and gloom outlook that the national media broadcast can be daunting and intimidating for many of these individuals who face an uncertain future now or in a few years after completing college.

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But those issues should be of top concern. Graduates at both levels should look inward for solutions.

History has proven that the economy and recession are cyclical. Things will improve over time.

So if the economy is out of our control, graduates need to stay focused on the things that they can affect.

That starts with following your dream and finding a career path that makes you happy.

Next is approaching every situation as if it is a job interviews, because ultimately it could be.

Personal choices — especially bad decisions — can be difficult to overcome and could be the difference when it comes to an employer deciding on who to hire.

Hard work and professionalism are key components of success. The most important thing graduates can focus on during these uncertain times is perseverance.

The future is unknown but it isn’t uncontrollable.

High school and college graduates will soon have the chance to grab the reins and control their own destiny.