WWE vs. NBA should be entertaining

Published 2:06 am Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you and NBA fan? Maybe just an NBA fan at playoff time? Or maybe you’re a WWE pro wrestling fan. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

Well, tonight you don’t have to be either, but you might want to watch and see what happens.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the NBA playoff game with the Lakers at Denver against the Nuggets. It will have a plot that’s dramatic, unscripted and possibly a surprise ending that no one knows what it will be.

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But that may not be as much fun as the scripted story of the WWE event that was supposed to be in the Denver arena where the basketball game will be played.

It has been called a conflict in scheduling. What really happened was Denver owner Stan Kroenke — who owns the arena — booked the WWE Monday Night Raw event well in advance not expecting his team to be playing in the conference finals and at home, no less.

So WWE owner Vince McMahon, a master of the story line, has been evicted and taken his show to, ironically, Los Angeles which is the home of the Lakers.

McMahon has already passed out posters — it’s on the WWE webpage — with his face adorned with a halo up against a superimposed photo of Kroenke with two red horns on his head.

I can see the Jumbotron footage showing Triple H walking into the Lakers locker room in Denver only to discover the Lakers dressing instead of other wrestlers.

The scene might go like this (with actors as the Lakers, of course).

Triple H: What the (xx**x**) is going on here? Who are you?

Player: I’m Kobe Bryant

Triple H: Kobe? What kind of name is Kobe? Were you in the Little Rascals? Hey, Cena. Get a load of Kobe.

John Cena: Kobe? What kind of name is Kobe? Get a real name like Kofi Kingston.

Andrew Bynum: Hey, you guys need to back off. Kobe’s my teammate and I’m 7-foot tall.

Cena: Oh, so you’re 7-foot tall tough guy. Wow, I’m scared. How about you, Undertaker?

Undertaker: I’m 7-foot and 300 pounds (picks up Bynum and tosses him across the locker room).

Luke Walton: Hey, stop that. I’ll get my dad Bill Walton after you.

Chris Jericho: Well, if it isn’t mommy’s little boy Luke. You’re dad was a broken down bum when he played. Bring him in here and I’ll put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his career. What am I saying? What career? When did spitting into a microphone become a career?

Pau Gasol: Listen, we’ve got a playoff game to play. You guys are supposed to be in LA. Get out before I call our owner Stan Kroenke and he’ll get security in here. You guys will all be in jail within an hour.

Shawn Michaels: You’re nothing but an illegal alien taking an American job, Gasol. You don’t even know how to spell your name. You left the “L” off of “Paul.”

Kroenke walks in and says, “What’s going on in here. I thought I threw you guys out of here.

McMahon (waving a piece of paper in Kroenke’s face): Sorry, Kroenke. I’ve got a signed contract. We were here first. Take your girls out in the parking lot or I’ll have security arrest your guys and Denver will win by a forfeit. But maybe that’s what you want since you know they can’t win. You booked us because you knew we were would be the only thing in the building in May to make you any money.

Sounds pretty good so far. I think I’ll let McMahon write the rest of it, especially since I’m not a Lakers’ fan.

Go Cavs.

–– Sinatra ––

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.