Flag thieves can’t ruin meaning of Memorial Day

Published 9:57 am Friday, May 29, 2009

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was shocked and angry Saturday morning when I noticed that my 4×6 American flag was stolen from the flagpole in my front yard.

Also taken were three smaller flags. I spent two evenings this week visiting three cemeteries and placing flags on graves just to then to have my own flags stolen.

I would not let a thief ruin my Memorial Day so I drove to town to purchase a new flag.

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I have flown the flag 24/7 for at least the past 28 years for all to see. It is ironic that the thief probably took the flag because it was new and they wanted to have a flag for Memorial Day, so they stole from a vet.

If someone needs a flag that bad contact me and I will get you one. Don’t steal from a vet.

Vietnam vets are used to disrespect because our war was an unpopular war but our vets bled and died just the same as those from popular wars.

God bless all vets.

Tom Williams, Waterloo