Millions are dying without national health care

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, June 2, 2009

There is socialism in America right now. The Social Security system, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, to name a few.

Are these systems anything to be afraid of? We also have free enterprise and everything that goes with capitalism.

It is proven, all over the free world, that socialism and capitalism can harmonize nicely. Our nation’s health care costs have sky rocketed out of control. Profit has overtaken compassion for the sick.

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Average people and businesses alike can’t afford the ever rising premiums. Now is the time for a national network to step in. National health care need not be scary.

It may be scary for corporations, HMOs and pharmaceuticals, who are flush with profit and greedy for more.

It may be scary for our Congressmen and Senators who are getting millions in lobbyist money from these greed mongers.

It is nothing to fear for the hospitals and doctors who see so many uninsured and under insured people turned away to die for lack of coverage.

America is now disgracefully behind the entire free world in taking care of our citizens’ needs.

We need national health care. Surely if they can find the money for two wars that take lives and give back nothing, then they can find a real way to make national universal health care a reality.

America can, and should be, a happier, healthier nation. Let your voice be heard, call, the White House, 1-800-578-4171. “Everybody in, nobody out.”

Patricia Littlejohn, Kitts Hill