Collins Career Center hired best man for job

Published 10:22 am Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let’s put all of this double dipping stuff to rest. Just use a bit of common sense, okay?

The Collins Career Center has done exactly the correct thing in re-hiring Steve Dodgion as their superintendent.

They have saved money, have a man with the appropriate experience, and saved themselves a search for some unknown entity.

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Okay, Steve is a dear and precious friend of mine….except on the golf course where his competitiveness comes to “fore.”

His character is unimpeachable. His work ethic is as professional as anyone’s anywhere.

Collins couldn’t do better, and it only makes sense that they re-hire in-house a person who has done the job better than anyone who has held the position.

Steve is a great person who is a superb family man and an Ironton resident. He is a wonderful supporter of the city in which he was born.

I could go on and on extolling his virtues but just let me tell you one very simple thing. In these days of economic strife just consider having a proven commodity that costs you less.

Enough said.

Butch Huff, Ironton