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All should support academics just like athletics

I was privileged to attend the awards ceremony at Dawson Bryant Elementary School where my grandson attends.

The hundreds of precious students stood with pride as they received their awards for honor roll all year, not missing a day of school and other great achievements.

What was disturbing to me was there was very little excitement from the crowd for these students who have worked so hard and for the teachers who have put so much energy in each child.

As I wondered why, it came to me. It’s not a sport. Had it been a ballgame the same crowd would have been on their feet shouting praises to their child and teacher. What a sad day it is when academics are less important than sports.

Congratulations to my grandson John Charles Large for a great year in academics and thanks to Ms. Boullion for all the energy she put into her class.

Pat Lancaster , Wheelersburg