Public has right to see resumes

Published 9:37 am Friday, June 5, 2009

The taxpayers in the Rock Hill School District should have the opportunity to evaluate who is applying in the present to lead the district in the future.

The school board has advertised for the position of superintendent, seeking a replacement for longtime official Lloyd Evans, whom the board chose not to rehire in that role.

Twenty five people stood up and said they wanted this challenge and that they would be the best fit.

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Before the board makes its decision, the parents and the taxpayers in the district deserve the chance to review each applicant’s resume and allow their voices to be heard.

This level of full disclosure is vital to allow transparency in how this decision will be made and create accountability in this process.

Ohio law is clear: Resumes submitted for public employment are considered public documents.

We urge the school board to prepare copies of the applications and resumes — after redacting Social Security numbers, medical information, etc — and have those available at the Tuesday meeting.

The Tribune has asked for these verbally and will formally request these documents in writing.

The parents of the Rock Hill district deserve to know what candidates sought the position so that each person can make up his or her own mind about who is the best candidate for the position and have a voice in the process by talking with their elected representatives.

In a situation like this, allowing all the information to be public helps ensure that the public has faith in the process and also has the opportunity to provide information or input.

We believe the Rock Hill Board of Education will choose who they feel is the most qualified candidate but that doesn’t mean the voters should be kept in the dark during the process.