Sheridan would be best honoree if Flyers build basketball gym

Published 2:27 am Monday, June 8, 2009

If you build it, they will come. And if you build it, I’ve got a name for you.

With St. Lawrence Elementary taking over the Kingsbury Elementary building, the school will have not only a bigger and better building, but a lot more outdoor room.

There has been talk of building a full-size gym on the lot and give the school its own facility instead of having to schedule around the city schools.

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If the idea comes to fruition, three things are needed.

One, they must draw up a plan. It will probably be a steel beam, metal building. Besides the court, locker rooms could be built on either side under the bleachers. One side could have an indoor batting cage for baseball and the other side offices and storage.

It might be nice to have a glassed-in area upstairs for special donors like the one at the University of Rio Grande.

Second, the obvious item here is to raise funds and it will be the hardest part of the plan.

Third, how about a name for the arena? I have a suggestion.

This person is a graduate who returned to become one of its best coaches. He also served as a teacher, athletic director, assistant principal and principal. I’m talking about coach Patrick Jacob Sheridan.

Coach Sheridan had some of the finest football and baseball teams at St. Joseph. His 1963 and ’64 football teams both went undefeated and featured some of the best athletes to come through the schools’ doors.

Besides his work at St. Joseph, Sheridan was a great football coach for the Ironton Fighting Tigers and also had great success as the baseball coach following Mike Burcham.

There is one thing Coach Sheridan has to do, though. He has to get well and get out of the hospital. If there is a dedication ceremony to him, I want coach there.

Our prayers are with you, coach.

Wolfe-Morris reunion

Former Ironton basketball point guard Jay Wolfe got a chance to reunite with former teammate Jimmy Morris at the state track meet.

Jay is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association board of control and his job at Saturday’s state track meet was to distribute medals to the athletes who place in their events.

Ironton’s Lukas Morris was third in the high jump and it was Wolfe who gave him the medal. Jay also hooked up with Jimmy Morris who happens to be Lukas’ father.

“I haven’t seen Jimmy in years. It was great,” said Wolfe.

Jimmy Morris, who was the state long jump champion as a junior at Ironton, was beaming after the award ceremony while talking with Wolfe.

“I’m am so proud of my son,” said Jimmy.

Hughes seeks return

Former Ironton Lady Fighting Tigers’ basketball coach Amy Hughes has resigned as the Chillicothe girls’ coach and has applied for the open assistant principal’s job at Ironton.

Hughes, who played in the Gus Macker tournament this weekend, has spent the past three years gaining experience as a principal at Chillicothe.

Amy has never been shy in voicing her love for Ironton and spends as much time in the city as possible.

–– Sinatra ––

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.