District should share options

Published 10:01 am Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ironton’s voters rallied to stand behind the Ironton School District’s plans to build new schools. Now, the district needs to stand up and level with citizens about its plans and possible scenarios for its buildings.

The school district plans to host an auction July 6 to sell five buildings it owns — Whitwell Elementary, Central School, Lawrence Street School, West Ironton School and the district’s board of education office.

Some residents have concerns about how these buildings will be used. And, while the district may not have definite plans until it sees which buildings sell and which ones do not, the school board and superintendent certainly have various scenarios outlined that should be shared with the public.

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It is one of those options — plans to potentially turn the Central School building into an automotive shop and school bus garage — that has a group of citizens seeking help from the city government to prevent this and circulating petitions opposing the plan.

School officials won’t officially confirm that this is an option for the Central School building but it is clear that this is something that is being considered.

With the new schools’ project well under way, now would the perfect time for the district to host a public forum that focuses solely on the school construction project and any questions Ironton taxpayers may have.

We hope the district steps up and quickly organizes something like this, which we also hope would have greater participation that just a regular school board meeting.

Many Ironton voters agreed to pass a property tax levy but all its citizens deserve to know the various possibilities that the future holds.